Class 2 & Class 1 Medicals- Your First Steps In Becoming a Pilot In India.

Class 2 & Class 1 Medicals- Your First Steps In Becoming a Pilot In India.

Class 2 & Class 1 Medicals- Your First Steps In Becoming a Pilot In India.

Airline Pilot, one of the most desirable professions in India. Though being a Commercial Airline Pilot is one of the most desirable professions in India, the information on How to Become one, or the steps involved, are limited. Along with the limited information, what compounds the confusion of aspiring pilots are the hoax and myths created by people, who are not even related to this field.

You can’t become a Pilot if you have spectacles, you can’t become a pilot because of your height, the pilot medical is too tough to clear. If you are also an aspiring Pilot dazzled by these rumours and seeking some clarity on How to get both your medicals done, are those just rumours or the truth, or just eager to know the tit-bits of a pilot medical, this article is for you.

The Facts-

Along with several other queries related to Pilot Medical, the most common one which we get is that- “Can someone become a Pilot if he/she has spectacles?”. The simple answer to that is a big “YES”, which certainly comes with a set of conditions. The DGCA website clearly states that- “Anyone wishing to become a Pilot must have 6/6 vision with or without spectacles”.

Now, with the most dreadful question out of our way, it’s time we take a closer look at the classes of our Pilot Medical and the steps involved in getting them. In this post, we will only be dealing with the processes involved in getting your initial pilot medicals issued.

Class II Medical-

A class 2 medical is the preliminary medical license required by all aspiring pilots to get their PPL(Private Pilot’s License) issued. The class 2 medical license is mandated before anyone applies for a class 1 medical license. Only if someone clears the tests mentioned under the class 2 medical examination, he/she can apply for a class 1 medical examination.

To apply for a class 2 medical, candidates can go to the DGCA website and select from the list of DGCA empanelled, class 2 medical examiners( Upon selection, an appointment needs to be fixed with the examiner. On the date of the medical examination, you will be asked by the medical examiner about any pre-existing medical conditions. This is followed by a colour-blindness test, BMI test and a general health checkup.

After completing the general health checkup, the candidate is instructed for the laboratory tests and the clinical eye and ear checkup. It is mandated by DGCA that the laboratory tests are carried out only at NABH or NABL accredited laboratories. The laboratory tests consist of a blood test, urine(RE/ME) test, ECG, Pure tone Audiometry, USG for the lower abdomen and a complete chest X-Ray. The validity period of the tests stands at 4 weeks from the date of appointment with the medical examiner.

Once all the laboratory tests are completed and reports are gathered, the same are submitted in original to the medical examiner, chosen by the candidate. Upon successful verification of the reports, the medical examiner fills out the CA34 form(application form for class 2 medical) and the reports along with the application form are dispatched to DGCA for further verification by DGCA medical cell. Only after successful verification by DGCA, the candidate is issued a Class 2 initial medical certificate along with a valid Pmr(a permanent record number for your DGCA medical) number.

The fees for the initial issue of the class 2 medical certificate is 4000 INR excluding the cost for laboratory tests.

Class I Medical-

Class 1 medical is the final stage of pilot medicals in India. Only after successful verification of class 2 medical records and issuance of a PMR number, candidates are allowed to apply for a class 1 medical examination. A class 1 medical certificate is mandatory for the issuance of a Commercial Pilot License.

There are 2 ways in which candidates can get their initial class 1 medical assessment done- through IAF medical examination centres and Civil medical examination centres. For getting your initial class 1 medical issued from the IAF medical centre prior appointment is required. The same can be sought by submitting an application form at DGCA, following which DGCA forwards the PMR number of the candidate along with their prior medical records to the respective IAF medical examination centre, 2 weeks before the due date.

For candidates facing difficulty in booking an appointment for their class 1 medical examination at an IAF medical centre/civil medical centre, they can reach out to us at Our dedicated team here will be more than happy to assist you in your booking and solve any further medical queries.

No prior appointment is required for people opting to get their initial class 1 medical issued from Civil Medical Examination centres. Candidates can directly contact the civil examination centres to get a date.

Getting the initial class 1 medical certificate from the IAF medical centres usually takes 3 days and the tests are done there themselves. Along with general health checkup, the laboratory tests comprised of blood tests, urine(RE/ME) test, pure tone audiogram, ECG, USG for abdomen and pelvis and a chest X-Ray.

The medical examination may comprise any additional tests if certain anomalies are found in the reports, which are outside the tolerance and at the discretion of the medical officer present.

The fees for the class 1 medical assessment at the IAF medical centre is INR 1500, with any additional tests not accounted for.

At the end of the 3 days long process upon successful verification of all laboratory test reports by the medical officers at the IAF centre, candidates are issued the class 1 medical certificate(CA 35 certificate).


All the above pieces of information have been provided correctly to the best of our knowledge. For the latest updates on medical regulation and requirements, please keep an eye on DGCA’s website.

Hope the above article cleared the cloud of confusion regarding how to get your pilot medicals in India. For more queries on DGCA medical, Commercial Pilot Training or How to become A pilot in India feel free to contact us at

Till then, Happy Landings.

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