Choose The Right Flight School

Choose The Right Flight School

Picking the right flying school can be both tedious and exciting. There's a satisfaction that comes with knowing that you’re getting quality from the flying school and commercial pilot training.

From the CPL course, down to the flight instructors, everything spells quality flying training and value for money, even if you require license conversion as well. Let’s find out how important it is for you to choose the right flying school and how you know you’ve hit the jackpot as you learn  how to become a pilot.


#1.Choosing The Right Destination For Your Commercial Pilot  Training

From the host of countries apart from India like USA, New Zealand, Canada etc that offer DGCA curriculum CPL courses choosing the the right destination based on your requirementis the first key step on your path to commercial pilot training different countries offer CPL course at different course fees and timeline.  Flying schools in the USA and New Zealand are  the main hub for CPL training and offer some of the flying courses in the world


#2. Following  DGCA Approved Flying Curriculum and Training

 Our Partner flying schools in India, USA & New Zealand  train you in accordance with Indian DGCA cpl requirements with state of the art facilities that include glass cockpit aircrafts, experienced instructors, motion simulators After successful completion of the flying school program, with all the necessary FAA licenses and ratings, required DGCA flight hours,

You will be able to convert your licenses and ratings upon return to India. We help our students for a hassle free and seamless Indian DGCA License Conversion process. Your ideal flying school must have DGCA approved curriculum and traininto give commercial pilot training, teach CPL courses, and all the other DGCA requirements.


#3. Affordable Fees

If you've made inquiries before now you'll find that fees for flying schools don't come cheap. Another thing you’ll find is that some flying schools will base the estimates of their student costs on the minimum number of flight hours.

Some others offer a packaged course that you pay a one-time fee to access. However, the right flying school will be one that is not only affordable but incorporates helpful payment plans, provides realistic CPL training cost  and shares a detailed cost structure with no hidden charges 

We provide guaranteed commercial pilot training course fees program inclusive of Lodging and Boarding charges.


#4. Flying School Facilities &  Flight Instructors

The right flying school should offer from single-engine and multi-engine commercial flight courses to flight simulators and other facilities to provide the best training. A CPL course comprises a ground school, flights with aircraft, and a full flight simulator training.

Additionally, nothing can substitute the impact an experienced flight instructor can have on your learning progress. When you enrol at a flying school for your commercial pilot training, you will be assigned a flying instructor.

The ideal flying school should have instructors who are not only experienced but are also dedicated, passionate, and patient enough to see your progress. A great way to know if a flying school has quality instructors is to speak to their alumni.


#6. Courses and Training That Is Tailored To Your Needs

All flying schools are different in the way they operate. But one thing you should look out for is a DGCA approved flying curriculum that offers individual attention to your flying needs.

Larger flying schools are sometimes referred to as factories because of how they churn out pilots yearly. The smaller and medium ones with fewer aircraft might offer the best flexibility when it comes to getting personalized services.



When you decide to take commercial pilot training to obtain your commercial pilot license, you must go for the best service. Organizations like The are committed to making the journey stress-free and giving you the guide to fly.

Choosing the right DGCA approved flying for all your CPL course needs will not only give you the best training and top skills to become a pilot but smoothen your transition to a pilot in no time.

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