Is  Graduation Necessary To Become An Airline Pilot In India?

Is  Graduation Necessary To Become An Airline Pilot In India?

Is  Graduation Necessary To Become An Airline Pilot In India?

During our childhood days, every one of us had some weird dreams which we wanted to achieve at any cost once we grew up. For some, it was being an astronaut and landing on the moon, for few it was being a car-racer and for some, it was being a Commercial Pilot and flying through the clouds. As we became mature, so did our aspirations. We came out of our cocoons and faced the real world, where these aspirations may seem too sweet but many times a bit difficult to achieve.

For aspiring pilots, this happens more often than others. While an Airline Pilot is always looked up to in society, the journey for budding future pilots is not that easy in India. People coming from a non- aviation background often find themselves in quicksand while searching for genuine information on commercial pilot training In India, all over the internet.

Along with the plethora of myths and hoax, one which tops the chart in creating confusion for the aspiring pilots are rumours such as You need to get graduated first to be a Pilot, you can’t be a pilot in India if you are already graduating and so on. With the scanty information available on the internet regarding prerequisites of cadet pilot programmes, general commercial pilot training in India, you are not the only one if you feel lost.

But not to worry, here at we are a dedicated team with the sole focus on providing authentic information to the future pilots of India and helping them in every way we can. If you are an aspiring pilot looking for an answer to whether graduation is needed to become a Pilot, this post is for you.

The Facts-

“Is graduation necessary to become a pilot in India?”, the simple one-word answer to that most debated question is a NO for the time being. Here we will be looking at what the regulatory authority DGCA wants in terms of educational qualification from budding aviators, can you still become a pilot if you are already undergoing graduation and is this rule gonna change in the future?

DGCA Requirements-

As directly quoted from the DGCA website- “He shall have passed class ten plus two with Physics and Mathematics or its equivalent examination from a recognized Board/University”. It clearly states that a candidate needs to pass 10+2 with physics and mathematics from a recognized board or university, with no clause mentioning for a need of graduation. As it is stated “from a recognized board or university” candidates not having science in their 10+2, can also opt to become a pilot through NIOS(National Institue Of Open Schooling). A detailed article about the same can be found on our website- india-after-12th-if-you-had-commerce-or-arts.

Can I Still Become A Pilot If I Am already Pursuing Graduation-

Of course, yes. As long as the above led down conditions of passing mathematics and physics with minimum pass marks in your 10+2 are met, nothing stops you from becoming a pilot on the academic front. Speaking of your branch of graduation is also not a matter of concern. The maximum age set by the airlines for applying in their cadet pilot programmes is fixed at 32. People completing their 4-year graduation programme until 22, are well in abundance of time to apply for the cadet pilot programmes or even go for conventional pilot license training.

Last but not least, is pursuing graduation worth it-

As the famous proverb says- “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere”. Though pursuing graduation is not compulsory to become a pilot, but there’s no harm in doing one or if you are already into it before following your dream to be a pilot. The knowledge someone gains from their graduation is irreplaceable in the real world. The experience you gather helps you to come out of your shell and face the real world. Moreover, you also have something to fall back on in case you can’t make it through your commercial pilot license training.


Hope the above article clears your doubt and helps you to make a decision. All the above pieces of information have been provided correctly to the best of our knowledge. DGCA may change the regulations on educational qualification at any moment, without any prior notice at their sole discretion. Please keep an eye on the same on DGCA’s website.

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Till then, Safe landings.

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