Life Of An Airline Pilot

Life Of An Airline Pilot

Pilot – A Dream Job in Aviation !
Have you ever imagined, being in an office, 35,000 feet above in the sky, with a birds eye view, Surfing through the clouds and getting a chance to see a beautiful view from up above that will never tire you! A place where you’re in command of the aircraft and are responsible for the lives on board!

ThePilot can take you onto a tour of The Life of an Airline Pilot!

Welcome on board aspiring Pilots! If its been your childhood dream to fly planes, you’ve come to the right place! You’ve taken the best decision of your life and we will help you take off your dreams to the skies!

Flying planes is as fascinating as seeing an aircraft flying above you but at the same time the cockpit crew undergoes an intensive and expensive training to develop a highly unique skill set. A Pilot is entrusted to operate a multi-million dollar aircraft and is responsible for the safety of his fellow passengers.

Pilots need to be highly dedicated towards their job & updating their knowledge until they retire. Refreshers & Medicals will be apart of your life and a yearly affair that will keep you updated and fit for flying.

A typical day for an airline pilot can vary considerably. One day you may start work at 5 am and only work short hours whilst other days you might start work at 12 pm work long hours and it goes on! But it has its perks of flying to new destinations, meeting new people, getting to see new cultures and I am yet to find a pilot whose not exited to put on that uniform and take to the skies even after years of flying

The best perks of being associated with the aviation industry is airlines offer excellent staff travel packages – upto 90% off their ticket prices for you and your family! So you don’t have to worry about buying those expensive Tickets for your EURO Trip

Also, there will be instances where you will be based in a different city away from your family & friends for period of time but you will get to explore new cities, make new friends and live new cultures which is very rewarding experience on its own.

Pilots are well paid and amongst one of the highest salaried professionals in world and with experience can reach into 8 figure salary package

C’mon folks, suit up and get started with your training and we promise you to bring you your precious GOLDEN EPAULETTES!

Life of an Airline Pilot
For once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards for there you have been and there you will long to return.

– Leonardo da Vinci

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