What is the minimum required qualification to commence Pilot training?

Minimum qualification required to commence Pilot training program is 10+2 with Maths and Physics. If you haven’t done Maths and Physics in 10+2 you have an option of appearing for these specific subjects at 10+2 level from the National Institute of open schooling. Medical clearance to be obtained from DGCA appointed medical examiner. Minimum Age to commence Pilot Training = 18 years.

How long does it take to train to become a Pilot?

On an average it takes about 1 year to complete all the course requirements but depending on student to student, the course duration can vary as there’s no fixed time line for the same.

What are the medical requirements to become a Pilot?

You have to clear the medical examination by DGCA appointed medical examiner There’s a lot of myth in this area, about the eye vision and heights just to answer a few - you are allowed glasses as long as your corrected vision is 6/6 -There is no minimum height requirement.

What are the minimum requirements to get a Pilot job?

The minimum required qualification for an airline pilot job is a Basic Commercial Pilot License ( CPL) with an Instrument Rating (IR), MultiEngine Rating & Aircraft Specific endorsement that will enhance your resume

How to Start Commercial Pilot Training course?

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