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Commercial Pilot Training in Canada

After the USA, the next country which comes into mind regarding unmatched quality in pilot training for Indian students has sure got to be Canada. Being one of the safest countries in the world to stay and work in, Canada embraces international students like no other.

Offering a wide diversity in the socio-cultural field and being one of the premier ICAO contracting states, Canada sure stands tall in offering “cost-effective, quality pilot training” to Indian students.

Canadians, known for the friendly people that they are makes up for some of the best instructors that a student can get. Apart from the flight training, the unique scenery and adventure watersport in Canada, makes your stay worthwhile.

Flying schools in Canada are cost-effective, without compromising on the quality. The student-instructor ratio is well balanced which results in the overall Commercial Pilot Training being completed efficiently within 12 to 14 months. The overall beautiful topography of Canada acts as a treat to the eyes during the flying training, which enhances the overall experience.

The weather in New Zealand is perfect for flight training, with the country enjoying clear skies and fair weather for the most part of the year. The winter season does give cooler months, which allows students to practice actual instrument flying and gives them hands-on experience in lower visibility conditions.

Being able to fly in the Canadian airspace following the appropriate regulations, gives the students an edge over others while helping them to hone their flying skills and build their confidence. This helps you to be future-ready for the Airlines. Owing to the huge number of Class G airspaces that Canada offers, along with some major busy airports, pilot training in Canada turns out to be extremely beneficial for international students, leading them to sharpen their radio-telephony skills.

With the average cost of Pilot training in Canada for Indian students, ranging from 48,000 CAD-68,000 CAD, which nearly equals the cost of getting your Commercial Pilot license from India, it surely turns out to be one of the best choices in the world, to get your training done from.

The weather in the coastal parts of Canada proves to be extremely favorable for flying all year round, April-November being the most suitable stretch to cover up the major flying hours. With a huge stretch of 7 months providing impeccable flying conditions, students are saved from the pathos of sitting down due to degraded weather. The onset of winters in Canada provides the scope for IMC conditions, helping the students to hone their IFR skills.

Advantages of flying in Canada


Best Flying schools in the world


Highest Quality & standards of Flight training


One of the most cost effective countries for flight training


CAA licenses are well respected and accepted world over


World's most Popular Destination for International students


Course completion times (12 to 14 months)

Partner Flying School

Our TCCA(Transport Canada Civil Aviation) approved partner flying school is situated in the coastal parts of British Columbia in Canada, with state-of-art facilities required for top-notch commercial pilot training. We believe that to be the best in anything “experience” matters a lot. Likewise, our partner flight school has been set up by industry professionals with years of experience in the field.

With qualified instructors, modern glass cockpit aircraft and state-of-art simulators, it’s one of a kind. Flying training is conducted in strict adherence to the DGCA curriculum and the testimonials include pilots working in various reputed airlines. The ground classes are conducted by well-experienced and enthusiastic instructors, implementing modern teaching techniques of video presentation with computers, which scales up the overall learning experience.

Our partner flight school’s motto isn’t merely creating Commercial Pilot license holders but making future Airline Pilots, by providing quality and maintaining professionalism of the highest standards.


Pilot Training Courses Offered

  • Private Pilot License (PPL) - This license is ideal for aviation enthusiasts or hobby flyers.
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL) - This provides students with a solid foundation of theoretical and practical flying training, allowing them to meet the required standard to secure a relevant pilot license to pursue a full-time career.
  • Instrument Rating (IR) – This refers to the qualifications that a student can undertake to fly under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and can be applicable to CPL and PPL.
  • Instructor Rating – This course is for students interested in becoming a flying instructor and the program includes an aspect of flight training as well as teaching the art of conducting lectures and briefings.
  • CPL (ME / IR) - CPL + Multi-Engine Type rating + Instrument Rating (IR) on a twin-engine aircraft. Students will learn about the overall aspect of flying, technical briefings and handling simulated emergencies such as engine failures etc. This course is recommended for students aspiring to become Airline Pilots.

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Pilot Dispatch Area


Recreational Area


Pilot Lounge area


Paid Accommodation


Transportation to, from and between accommodation and flight school.

Flying schools in Canada and what makes them a great choice

The answer lies within the country itself. Canada, known to be one of the safest countries in the world, to live and work in, proves to be a hub of standard education for international students. Canadians, known for being the friendly people that they are, creates the best atmosphere for learning.


We understand for many Indian students, opting for flight training in Canada, this might be their first time venturing out of the country all alone. During these times, getting a friendly flight instructor comes in handy. Students are not only able to express themselves more freely, but the uniqueness of the Canadian culture helps them to learn the intricacies of the field in a more relaxed manner.

Along with being amicable, “professionalism” is a part and parcel of the pilot training schools in Canada. With qualified instructors, modern glass cockpit aircraft and state-of-art simulators, they are one of a kind. The ground classes are conducted by well-experienced and enthusiastic instructors, implementing modern teaching techniques, ensuring the highest standards are delivered every time.

Unlike India, pilot training schools in Canada offers a plethora of diverse airspaces to their international students. There is an abundance of Class G airspace, providing the trainee with the right opportunity to hone their skills during the preliminary times.

Once the student feels confident enough, along with the Class G airspaces, there are plenty of major airports where the students can fly. Flying into and out of major airports, help in grasping complex approach procedures at a faster rate and in turn paves a strong foundation for handling complex radiotelephony procedures.

Along with the abundance of airspaces for training, the favourable weather conditions ranging from April- November, accelerates the overall flying training, helping the students to complete a major chunk of their flying hours within a short period. No doubt the Commercial Pilot License course gets completed in a record time of 12 -14 months in Canadian flight schools, unlike India where it takes more than 2 years.

Safety and aviation go hand in hand. Without adequate safety and top-notch aircraft maintenance, the aircraft would become kaput, hampering the flying training and raising eyebrows about overall safety standards.

The flight schools in Canada are polar opposite to this phenomenon. The safety standards of Canadian flight schools are valued highly throughout the world. For the top-notch safety standards of Canadian flight schools, licenses issued by the TCCA(Transport Canada Civil Aviation), are one of the most sought after.

Last but not least, the total cost for Commercial Pilot training with a Multi-engine instrument rating from a Canadian flight school costs around 48,000 CAD- 68,000 CAD. Though the cost nearly equals getting your Commercial Pilot License from India, the enhanced facilities, impeccable safety standards and lesser course duration make Canada an indisputable choice for your pilot training.

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