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Commercial Pilot Training in South Africa

South Africa, whenever we hear the name of the “Rainbow Nation”, a vibrant, colourful country bustling with life and friendly people, flashes in front of our eyes. From astir city life to mind-boggling wildlife safaris and sun-soaked coastal beaches, the country has it all.

Alongside, the rich cultural heritage and the ever-welcoming South African people acts as a cherry on the top to make it one of the most preferred destinations for international students from all over the world. The above description could stir a Tsunami in a wanderer’s soul, but just imagine experiencing all these from an eagle’s view and completing your Commercial Pilot training from South Africa.

Being one of the premiere ICAO contracting states and one of the 36 member countries of the ICAO governing council, the South African Civil Aviation Authority(SACAA) issued Commercial Pilot License is well accepted and respected throughout the world. The SACAA issued “radio-telephony license” conversion into a DGCA one is hassle-free, the result for South Africa being one of the premier ICAO contracting states.

South Africa by staying true to its motto-“Inspiring new ways”, invests heavily in ultra-modern glass cockpit aircraft and modern teaching techniques for its Commercial Pilot Training sector, making it one of the most lucrative choices for Pilot training after the USA and NZ for Indian students.

With full time dedicated instructors having experience from the Airlines, the flying schools in South Africa can deliver optimum results for individual cadets every time. With the abundance of synthetic simulators, professional instructors, a well-maintained fleet of aeroplanes, your Commercial Pilot training is completed in a record time of 10-12 months. During this entire phase, trainee pilots will undergo comprehensive ground classes aided with Computerbased training for getting a good grip on the 10 CPL subjects, which makes clearing your DGCA exam a cakewalk during the license conversion. After the end of the course, students will have a Private Pilot License, a night rating and a Commercial pilot license with a Multi-engine instrument rating, with 200 total flying hours under their belt.

Some of the best flying schools in South Africa, including our partner flying school, are situated at a central location midway between Johannesburg and the executive capital Pretoria. Being located centrally and very close to Pretoria, the flying schools in South Africa provide impeccable facilities for uninterrupted flying training.

Flying in the controlled airspace helps the trainee pilots to get accustomed to complex radio calls from a nascent stage, making them future-ready for the Airlines. As the student gets to come in and out of the International airports alongside regular Commercial and Charter traffic, there’s very little room for error, which in turn helps them to grasp complex procedures such as ILS, VOR at a much faster pace. Last but not least, the effective handling of the traffic by the experienced Air-Traffic Controllers at a Controlled Airport, ensures scant time is spent on the ground and the trainees get to spend as much time as possible in the air, sharpening their skills.

Perhaps, the most talked about and the strongest factor favouring South Africa as one of the crucial choices for Commercial Pilot Training is their “All year round” weather suitable for Pilot Training. The low cost for pilot training in South Africa, combined with the endless summer climate makes it ideal for aspiring pilots. South Africa generally offers warm sunny days with little to almost no rain in some parts of the country sporadically.

The CPL cost in South Africa is affordable without compromising on quality. The weaker Rand currency compared to the dollar works in the favour of aspiring pilots, making the pilot training in South Africa cost moderately between 5,00,000 – 5,30,000 ZAR.

Advantages of flying in South Africa


Quality training backed by superb facilities at a very affordable cost


Hassle-free “radio-telephony” conversion South Africa being a premier ICAO contracting state.


Shorter course duration 10-12 months combining everything owing to the favourable climate.


The affordable cost, compared to the USA OR NZ.

Partner Flying School

Our SACAA approved partner flying schools located between Johannesburg and the executive capital Pretoria at Grand Central Airport and Lanseria Airport respectively, have been set up by Aviation industry veterans with more than 35 years of practical experience in this field. With instructors having the wealth of the Airlines, being the guiding force behind the cadets, it is ensured optimum results are delivered every time.

The partner flying schools ensure that during the entire course of your Commercial Pilot training, the DGCA curriculum is followed with strict adherence. With more than decades of experience in training Indian cadets, aided with state-of-the-art facilities, well-maintained glass-cockpit aircraft fleet, modern computerized classroom and finally the organization being managed by former Airline pilots, it sure sets apart our partner flying school as one of the best choices for your Pilot training in South Africa. Last but not least the affordable Commercial Pilot License cost in South Africa, sure makes it a lucrative choice for aspiring pilots from all over the world.


Pilot Training Courses Offered

  • Private Pilot License (PPL) - This license is ideal for aviation enthusiasts or hobby flyers.
  • Commercial Pilot License (CPL) - This provides students with a solid foundation of theoretical and practical flying training, allowing them to meet the required standard to secure a relevant pilot license to pursue a full-time career.
  • Instrument Rating (IR) – This refers to the qualifications that a student can undertake to fly under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and can be applicable to CPL and PPL.
  • Instructor Rating – This course is for students interested in becoming a flying instructor and the program includes an aspect of flight training as well as teaching the art of conducting lectures and briefings.
  • CPL (ME / IR) - CPL + Multi-Engine Type rating + Instrument Rating (IR) on a twin-engine aircraft. Students will learn about the overall aspect of flying, technical briefings and handling simulated emergencies such as engine failures etc. This course is recommended for Indian Students.

Fleet Strength- 12

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Private/Shared well furnished houses in gated complex with 24/7 security


Residential swimming pool


Transportation to, from and between residential complex and flying school.


Residences centrally located in the city near shopping malls and recreational activities

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