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Commercial Pilot Training in the USA.

The USA is the world’s leading destination for international students looking to undertake Commercial Pilot Training, with the country continuing to dominate the rankings thanks to its wide choice of exciting study and flight training options.

Each year, the number of Indian students participating in pilot training in America has steadily increased and the country has become the most preferred destination for obtaining your commercial pilot license.

Living, studying and working in the US gives students the exposure and the confidence that very few other countries are able to offer. Living in the United States means you will be able to enjoy interacting and engaging with a huge and diverse population that is a mix of different cultures, nationalities and people.

Your time studying in the USA will not only give you access to some of the most professional and respected instructors but it is also incredibly cost-effective. Your pilot training courses will be taught by highly experienced and qualified instructors who will enhance your knowledge and skill.

The weather in America also makes for ideal training conditions, with students able to enjoy sunny days and clear skies for much of the year. In some of the northern states, pilots in training can also take advantage of the cooler seasons to get practical experience flying in cloud in IMC conditions.

During this part of the course; the student instructors will be able to refresh and advance their technical knowledge with the principles of basic instruction and applying them to both PPL and advanced CPL levels. The combination of world-leading infrastructure and near-perfect weather, flying schools in the USA are able to offer course completion within 6 to 8 months.

Partner Flying School

Our partnered flying school in America has a proud history of high-quality education and a firm belief that it is the quality of that education which helps students achieve their career goals. They have been providing commercial pilot license training for over three decades and over that period they have successfully trained thousands of Indian pilots who are now working as airline pilots in India and around the globe.

By learning to fly at an airport where the traffic ranges from B777 and A320s all the way to 10 seater commuter and corporate aircraft, immediately puts students in a professional environment; giving them an advantage from the very start of their training.

Pilot Training courses offered

Private Pilot License (PPL) - This license is ideal for aviation enthusiasts or hobby flyers.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL) – This provides students with a solid foundation of theoretical and practical flying training, allowing them to meet the required standard to secure a relevant pilot license to pursue a full-time career.

Instrument Rating (IR) – This refers to the qualifications that a student can undertake to fly under IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and can be applicable to CPL and PPL.

Instructor Rating – This course is for students interested in becoming a flying instructor and the program includes an aspect of flight training as well as teaching the art of conducting lectures and briefings.

CPL (ME / IR) - CPL + Multi-Engine Type rating + Instrument Rating (IR) on a twin-engine aircraft. Students will learn about the overall aspect of flying, technical briefings and handling simulated emergencies such as engine failures etc. This course is recommended for Indian Students.

Fleets Strength – 11

Cessna 152
Cessna 172
PA 28R 200
PA 34 200's
Multi IFR Simulators

Facilities :

  • Private/Shared accommodation
  • Transportation to, from and between accommodation and airport
  • Clubhouse
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Recreational area
  • Pilot lounge

Course Fees

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